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12 inch Curved Screen Vacuum Laminating and Bubble Removing Machine Laminator and Debubbler For LCD Screen Repairing

2020/3/6 10:19:41
  • Button star, easy to operate
    12 inch large laminating area
    By touch screen, English and Chinese can choose
    Pressing force uniform, no bubbles

Power Supply: 110/220V
Power: 800W
Machine Size:410*400*280mm
After Packing:36KG 
* Button start Easy to operate
* 14" Large laminating area
* Easy to use, English and Chinese models can be choosed, by touch creen
* Best quality;
*Widely used for mobile phone LCD Refurbishing;
* Pressing force uniform, no bubbles.
Operating steps:
1. frist set vacuum time 15s, laminating 35s, remove bubble 3min, temperature 40C
2. press"automatic" start pre-heating
3. open laminating door
4.tear protect film and take inside the mould
5. take glass with frame on LCD
6. click LCD centre when in right position
7. put laminating mould on LCD
8. take lcd corner something out, prevent broken LCD
9. take glass inside in laminating zone
10.then lid on, press start
11. after wait setting remove bubble time, automatic exhaust

12. take screen out, finish

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