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2020/2/14 0:34:35
  • TWS Wireless Blue tooth Headset 5.0

¡¡1. Touch 5.0 Version
2. Use the silicon microphone,having HD calling quality
3. With newest design , support Led display 
4. pure cobalt battery ,35mah for earphones, 300mah for charging bin (with protection board) 
5. Composite film Speaker with super Bass/True stereo, great sound quality
6. The chip JL6936D8 is the newest chip with low power consumption, consuming 8mah per hour, the signal and connection are stable.
7. Headphone play time about 3 hours , charging bin can full charge the two earphones about 3- 4 times . 
8. Automatic pairing/Support Siri/ Dual calling/ Magnetic cover

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